Call for donations

Our companion Benni has been in custody in Leipzig prison since the 5th of January. He is accused of throwing a molotow cocktail at the cops from the USK Dachau on Day X in Leipzig during the protests in reaction to the judgement in the Antifa East trial. In addition to the thousand-fold accusation of a particularly serious case of breach of the peace for simply taking part in the demonstration, he is accused of attempted manslaughter. The investigation and the arrest warrant became known on 23 November 2023, when the cops once again carried out a large-scale raid against the autonomous scene in Leipzig and tried to kidnap him from a court case concerning the LuWi-71 occupation by a masked MEK. Benni, the comrade condemned to pre-trial detention, did not appear in court that day, which turned out to be great luck. He handed himself in on 5 January 24. However, this was not a voluntary surrender, but rather the bitter realisation that freedom ends as soon as your name appears on the detention order.

Money is needed for legal fees, his life in prison and solidarity work!

Donation Account:
Account holder: Rote Hilfe Leipzig
IBAN: DE88 4306 0967 4007 2383 05
Keyword: Free Benni

You can also deliver donations every tuesday, 7 pm, to the “Offene Anarchistische Vernetzung Leipzg” (OAV) at E125.

The solidarity group can be reached under: free_benni(at)

Freedom, luck and strength to all people in hiding!
Love and trust to all anti-fascists!

Free Benni