Anti-fascism as a crime? – The frightening reality of German repression authorities.

In an absurd and worrisome trial our companion Benni will be at court once again next Tuesday (09.04.), this time accused on appeal of allegedly being masked during an anti-fascist demonstration. This charge shines a harsh light on the German repressive authorities, who treat anti-fascism as a crime while right-wing extremists movements remain largely ignored.

Benni, who is already in pre-trail detention since the 5th of January 2024 on charges of throwing an incendiary device at the USK Dachau during the demonstrations around the day of the verdict in the so-called Antifa-Ost trial, is now being further harassed by those same authorities. It seems as if the German justice system is trapped in a kafkaesque nightmare in which those, who stand up for for a good life for everyone and fight against the growing fascism, are being treated as criminals.

The irony of this situation is obvious. While neo-nazi groups and extremist right networks are gaining influence in Germany, anti-fascists like Benni are being criminalized and deprived of their basic rights. German authorities seem to be making efforts in order to silence and criminalize anti-fascists.

This case is not an isolated event. In recent years we could observe an alarming increase of repression against anti-fascists in Germany. From random arrests to long trials and prison sentences, those who stand up against the rise of fascism are being persecuted and intimidated systematically.

It is long past time to question the role of German repressive authorities. Instead of wasting resources on the persecution of anti-fascists, this society should focus its efforts on fighting against the real dangers. This requires determined action against misanthropic structures and conditions that spread violence and hatred, questioning and attacking authority instead of persecuting those who are fighting for a just and free society.

The criminalization of anti-fascists like Benni is not only an attack on the individual rights of these people, but also an attack on the basic principles of our “free” society. It is time for us to unite and stand up against this oppression. Anti-fascism is not a crime, it is a duty.

We are calling for a critical accompaniment to the trial on April 9 at 10:30 a.m. at the Leipzig District Court. Let’s not leave Benni alone!

Questions can be sent to free_benni@riseup.net (pgp key on request).

Greetings from prisoner Benni at the BASC demonstration 10.02 Leipzig + Audio

Following you will hear a greeting from our companion and friend Benni. He is in pre-trial detention in the Leinestraße prison in Leipzig since January 5th. Among other things, he is accused of throwing an incendiary device at the USK Dachau on Day X in Leipzig during the protests against the verdict in the so-called Antifa-Ost trial.


Hello comrades and friends,

The political situation is dicey. While the AfD has long been fantasizing about “remigration” together with genuine national-socialists, the democratic parties that are currently taking to the streets with us against the AfD and co. have been working on implementing this for some time, even if they don’t talk about it so openly.

We anti-fascists are all the more in demand in the year of possible right-wing electoral successes: among other things, in sabotaging the AfD, in resisting the erosion of the right to asylum and in defending our movement from attacks by the state.

The persecution mania of the Hungarian and German authorities against those in hiding is a further sign of the escalation towards an authoritarian society. This makes it all the more important that we show practical solidarity with all those who stand against fascists in a way that hits them where they feel comfortable – whether in East Germany, Budapest or elsewhere. The struggle must go on.

May I not meet you behind these walls, but one day in freedom and may you escape the henchmen of all states forever. I wish you good luck and perseverance on your journey. I wish everyone else a powerful demonstration, a year with little repression or fascist violence and many successful moments against state, nation and capital!


As Benni’s companions, we stand firmly by his side. We organize the solidarity work and inform about the repression.

We call on everyone to show solidarity as well. Benni is happy to receive letters and postcards, so please write to him.

Find out about the current status of the proceedings, take part in solidarity actions and organize them! You can find information from the solidarity group, a how-to for writing letters and his address, as well as that of the solidarity bankaccount at freexantifas.org.
In addition to your solidarity, we still need donations for the upcoming process and ongoing work.

It is necessary that we deal with the ongoing repression against the militant antifascist movement, which can be seen in the trial against Benni, the Antifa Ost trial and the Budapest complex, among others. It is important to develop strategies to protect and defend ourselves against this repression. We look forward to contributions to the debate that contribute to an intensified political discussion and classification.

Freedom for Benni! Freedom for all prisoners!